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[at-l] Re: (no subject)

>"...Don't know very much about this topic, do you?"

Actually, TJ, I know quite a bit, but not everything. I was responding to messages that had talked about "mimeographed" sheets and quickly morphed into claiming Wingfoot as an ATC volunteer did little more than add prices to what had gone before. I thought the sequence might be confusing to some listers so I pointed out some facts, as opposed to quoting things that were "reportedly" said. 

Most long distance hikers I've heard comment, as I said before, seem to think Wingfoot's continued efforts are more accurate and valuable than the Companion, though personally I find the Companion adequate for my routine needs, which is why I have only the 91, 93 and 2003 editions of the Thru-Hiker's Handbook. I would, however, purchase an updated version should I decide to do another long distance hike on a portion of the trail that I was not familiar with.

You need to remember, TJ, that most people have an occasional redeeming feature, even Wingfoot. YMMV.