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[at-l] how do I post without causing a fight

Realistically? You don't. 

The signal to noise ratio on at-l varies widely, depending (prob'ly) upon the cycle of the moon, and the time of year. 

One must develop a thick skin, and learn to separate the wheat from the chaff. 
(I'm still workin' on that)

Liberal application of the delete key helps, too. 
(Even amongst we conservatives)

Free advice is frequently worth what you pay for it...nothing.
(Frequently, but not always)

Having said all that, you'll never get answers if you don't ask questions...

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 I know I'm new to your list and probably many will feel I have no right to ask, but why do opinions have to be related with so much animosity? I now know not to mention those little doohickeys that you dial on to speak to people... I now know not to bring up books regarding the trail... I now know not to mention the type of pack I use. This having been said, I really would like to know, how do i post a question here? I'd like to feel comfortable to ask an important question, but I worry that the answer to any question will be lost in the 20 responses that have nothing to do with my question and have more to do with the member to member history on the list. I guess my question is simply: How do I avoid starting a fight and still get a question answered? 
 Robert From greyowl at rcn.com  Wed Apr 13 05:47:18 2005
From: greyowl at rcn.com (greyowl@rcn.com)
Date: Wed Apr 13 07:06:34 2005
Subject: [at-l] This and That, mostly off topic
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Cell Phones - Yes cell phones have a negative inpact on the 
AT, but not because of hikers carrying cell phones.  THe 
range of a cell phone tower is only roughly 20 miles.  THe 
higher up it is the further the range (It is the curvature of the 
earth that dictates the range).  So if a mountain is within 20-
30 miles of a huge population center then they will build a 
cell phone tower on it.

Traditionl Phones - Yes traditional phones are destorying the 
AT.  One needs to run the phone lines over and through the 

Television - Again one gets a longer range of there signal if 
they build their transmitter on top of the mountain.

I think that you get my drift.  Unless you wan to go back 
before man (and women) were in North AMerica, man has had 
a negative impact on the enviroment of this country.  So what 
are you going to do about it?  Rant and Rave does not help.


The number one killer (cancer) of men is prostate cancer 
followed by colon cnacer.  My Physician says take the blood 
test and I take them.  Had a colonoscopy three years ago 
and they found 7 polyps which were removed and I get to 
have another one this year (Can you tell that I am excited 
about this?).  


Don't get me started on this.  I have a Ph.D. or as we say a 
real doctorate.  Physicians have an MD degree (Medical 
Degree).  While they work long and hard for their degree it is 
not a research degree.

Every morning, when I come into work,  my technicians line 
up, in there starched white lab coats, and give me this 
greating;  "Gutten Morgan Herr Doktor Dudley" (they are all 

As an aside I call my Physician Eric and he calls me Bob (He 
also calls me old, fat and ugly).


Whatever turns you on.  YMMV.


Hey this is what this list is about!  So let's talk about hikin.


Windows XP is no longer the correct answer (though 42 is) it 

Y'all have a great day.  You Newbies, keep askin' those 

Grey Owl
AKA Dr Bob
AKA Bob Dudley