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ellen@clinic.net writes:

> Wingfoot used to do the guide as an ATC volunteer. After a few years he 
> noticed that everyone else working along side him at ATC headquarters was being 
> paid and asked for compensation because it was essential that he earn a 
> living. ATC refused, and began to publish the Companion with the help of ALDHA. 
> Wingfoot went out on his own and published what had been a volunteer effort, 
> commercially.

Actually, in 1993 Wingy wanted to publish the Handbook on his own, so the ATC 
looked for someone to put out a new guidebook for LD hikers. The ATC had been 
publishing a guide for over a decade, beginning with Darrell Maret's 
Philosopher's Guide, and it wanted to continue the tradition and long-held practice of 
publishing a guidebook. After Wingy left, ALDHA's Frank Logue and the ATC 
Publications Committee got together and with the help of ALDHA volunteer editors 
Joe and Monica Cook produced the 1994 Companion, the 14th year in a row the 
ATC published a long distance hiker's guide. The few years Wingy was officially 
involved the ATC guide was little more than Maret's original publication with 
some updated motel prices, so the Companion was a very welcome and 
considerable upgrade in quality. The Philosopher's Guide did begin as a handout, and grew 
into book form. The successful and popular format created by Maret was copied 
by Wingy when he later published his "own" guidebook. It shouldn't really 
have surprised anyone when Wingy copied, reportedly without the ATC's or the 
DataBook's editor's permission to do so, the format of the DataBook and included 
it in his guidebook. If imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery, 
both Darrel Maret and the DataBook editor should feel extremely flattered by