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[at-l] Re: (no subject)

At 09:03 AM 4/12/2005 -0400, Bob C wrote:
>In a discussion among actual long distance and thru hikers on WhiteBlaze, 
>probably the most active AT site these days, a large majority of those who 
>responded thought Wingfoot's Guide was by far the better book, mostly 
>because it contains more information. His Thru-Hikers Guide contains all 
>the essential information of the ATC databook. The Companion does not. 
>Wise people do not let their dislike of Wingfoot's politics interfere with 
>their trail decisions. Long distance hiking is difficult enough without 
>adding political complications.

So is it "political" to support those who support the trail you walk? 
Information is information. You can carry the Data Book and the Companion 
and support ATC/ALDHA who support the trail or you can carry the Handbook 
and support Dan Bruce. As Publications Chair for ADK I know that sale of 
Guidebooks is a significant source of income for groups such as ATC. I 
don't dislike Dan but I do dislike the idea of people publishing competing 
guidebooks that siphon off dollars from the groups that provide us with 
trails. I especially dislike those who started out doing a guidebook for 
the organization then went out on their own using what they learned while 
working for the organization. Call it politics if you want. I call it 
putting your money where your boot prints are. You may rationalize it 
otherwise if you want.