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[at-l] Inny or outy? (WAS "Kelty Trekker 4300")

The general consensus seems to lean towards internal frame packs, even though external frame packs have their devotees as well. The internal frame setup is more compact, compared to an external frame pack of similar capacity. Since I.F. packs are worn closer to the body, they are more streamlined, therefore less likely to catch on things. Also, because they're closer to the body, they don't affect one's C.G. (center of gravity) as much...making it less likely to cause loss of balance. YMMV...
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    FYI, external frame packs are considered somewhat pass?.
    (Since you asked, an' all...)

  By whom?  There are many who prefer the EF packs because with an External Frame the load is separate from the body and provides for air to circulate between pack and body.  Also at the Shelters/Lean-tos there are places to hang an EF pack or even when camping away from the official places the EF packs can be hung on tree branches.  Also they stand alone or with the aid of a walking stick.