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[at-l] NOBO Thruhike Start Dates

I'm nearly certain that I will do VA, WV, MD, PA, a bit of NY, and the rest 
of the way north. I hope to complete in about 4 months or so.

It is one of those transition things I'd be doing right now, if I were rid 
of my house. This is my third Spring without a walk planned or possible due 
to responsibilities and events. I hope I am not so notorious that I 
couldn't change trail names and have a good break from the past.

I don't know, and it concerns some of my friends. Yet they know I can 
always work and serve when I can't walk, but that life had ways of 
interfering with postponed dreams.


At 07:11 PM 4/2/2005 -0500, Shelly Hale wrote:

>What sections do you have left?  Maybe we'll get to hike together some 
>next year.

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