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[at-l] AT nutritionist? -- just an almond freak!

2550 calories (82% fat) in a pound of shelled raw almonds
compare this to:
1500 calories (10% fat) in a pound of rice

The real difference is the fat.  Fat has a lot more calories, but I 
would want to get 2/3 of my calories from carbohydrates.  Oatmeal is a 
favorite choice for carbs for me.  But back to almonds: I like the idea 
of simple, natural, unprocessed, vegetarian foods.  At Costco, I can get 
3 pounds of raw almonds for about $7.  Needs no cooking.  Good source of 
vitamin E.  And it's about 20% protein by weight.

But then again, a handfull of greasy salty peanuts is mighty fine.

If you want to do your own research:
(but have a calculator handy)