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[at-l] Bear Repellent

I met someone who began hunting bear 35 years ago and seems quite 
knowledgeable about black bear.  He was very deferential to another hunter, 
who was not present, whom he admires for his vast knowledge of bears.  This 
second hunter advised him bear sufficiently dislike high pitched noises that 
they usually leave the vicinity of such noises promptly after encountering 

The hunter suggested using a metal ?clicker,? with which kids sometimes 
play, to persuade a bear to leave.  He also suggested carrying a small tape 
recorder with a tape recording of a dog barking - - bear have an aversion to 
dogs on the loose.

I asked the hunter whether rattling pebbles in a can might have the effect 
of the clicker.  He thought it would probably be quite effective.

A thought.  If you are accustomed to carry a metal container - - cup / mug / 
pot - - in your pack, and are concerned about aggressive bears, why not 
carry the metal container attached to the outside your pack?  When you 
encounter a troublesome bear you could scoop up some rocks / pebbles, drop 
them into the container, and shake them vigorously.

Any thoughts?


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