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[at-l] Davenport Gap

  Thanks for all the info everybody. Heard a lot of good about the place an=
a lot of bad about the other on my thru hike last year, went through about
mid Nov and didnt visit either, there was supposed to be a party at the
Davenport gap shelter that never materalized but I didnt get there till
about 5 so I just stayed put for the night.


>It's Standing Bear Farm off the Waterville School Road.  4255 Green Corner
>Road, Hartford, TN 37753, 423-487-0014.  Owners are Maria Guzman and Curti=
>Owen.  She also runs a great mexican food restaurant in Newport.  It's a
>great place.  Wish I had stayed here instead of Mt Momma's while hiking
>this year.

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