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[at-l] Re: Rodale / musings

Although it would be hard to carry a lot of colas, you could carry a lot of
MOON PIES -- definitely found in the South.  In the cotton mills and in the
fields, lunch often was nothing but a Moon Pie and a "RC"/"Coke".  Cheap.
Somewhat filling.  And lots of energy for fieldhands and millhands.  Of
course considering today's size Moon Pie, I'd eat a couple.  And they don't
weigh all that much.

Hmmm....  If there a cola equivalent that you can pack?

William, The Southern Born and Bread Turtle
-- Cornbread that is --

PS  Cornbread is a filling and "go-a-long-ways" food -- terms of keepability
and energy charging.  Especially the firmer varieties that are less sweet.

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> Any of you folks encounter these carbohydrate bombs?  Or
> know of present-day hikers that carry them?

Never heard of them, but Goo Goo clusters do about the same thing for me.
Sugar and peanuts coated in chocolate.  And pretty easy to find in the
southland.  A close second is Walmart mint cups (peanut butter cups with
instead of peanut butter).