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[at-l] Brown Rice in an alcohol stove.

I just made shortgrain brown rice for the first time on my alcohol stove
with the "Chainsaw" pot cozy I made, with Dave's help, at the last Ruck. For
sure, it is going with me on the AT next year.

The brown rice was WAY better than white rice, nutty and good. Tho I'm a
meat eater, I just love those complex carbs! They stick to the ribs.
Someone mentioned to cook brown rice at home, then dehydrate it for the
Trail, which is a great idea for short hikes. It won't be a long-term
option for my AT hike next year.

How I did it:
I soaked the rice by covering it with water, then adding a like amount
again. A scant two parts water to one part rice. I just eyeballed it. This
was in a tiny tupperware bowl I carry, the lid seals tight.

I drug that around for oh, an hour or more, letting it soak up the H2O. It
can just be stuffed back in the pack at the last water stop before camp.

When I set up my stove, I boiled the hydrating rice with an ounce and a half
of alcohol, letting the stove burn out. I kept checking. When the stove ran
out of fuel, I dropped my pot into my cozy, rubber-banded the top on, and
wrapped it all in my fleece. An hour later, I checked and the rice was done.

This is not a quick boil-n-serve meal, certainly, but for some reason it
suits my rhythms (I'm doing other stuff except for the actual cooking) and
it adds some valuable complex carbs to fatten my diet. I've done lentils in
this cozy, and they go even quicker.

I suppose if I was ravenous, I could cook a soup course first, then boil the
rice, then set up camp and do other chores. Or not. It's just a nice option.
A little ginger and garlic in a lentil-and-rice dish, mmmm... or curry and a
few raisins...
    	Jan Leitschuh Sporthorses Ltd.