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[at-l] Crossing the Kennebec

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 The MATC didn't believe that Steve was retiring, so they are well behind in
getting another ferry service provider under contract for next year. The ATC
was silent in response to several emails from me about Steve's retirement.
Heck, my report about Steve didn't even make the 'trail news' section of the
ATC web site. I guess a trail institution's retirement isn't as newsworthy as
some woman winning a shopping spree...
 It's my suggestion that the MATC and ATC seek sponsorship of the Kennebec
Ferry from one of the local rafting companies in Caratunk or The Forks.
They've got the skilled watermen, they're in place, and they could paint
their name on the side of the canoe. Steve's idea was that a bridge be built
across the Kennebec. The bridge idea has merit.
 There will be a canoe shuttle in place, running the same schedule next year.
Someway, somehow.