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[at-l] Fw: Appalachian Trail Thru-hikers' Companion

Private email? I'd have to say it sounds more like the dreaded Official
Notice to me than a private communication. I don't see anything wrong with
disclosure of an Official Notice.

The way this was phrased and presented was wrong too, it should have been
more in the line of: here are the details of some complaints that we have
received, what is your response? Then if the response is inadequate there
should be an Official Warning! type notification. if these are anonymous
complaints then they should be sent straight to the bit bucket.


> -----Original Message-----

> Exactly! This is why there is the courtesy of keeping private emails
> private. It serves no one to smear the reputations of either ALDHA or
> trail businesses by publicizing such messages. There may be good and
> bad reasons for any trail guide, to include or exclude certain
> references. Due to the ATC's decision to forbid service notices/ads
> along the trail corrider, guides become much more important for hikers
> in need of services.