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[at-l] Fw: Appalachian Trail Thru-hikers' Companion

Exactly! This is why there is the courtesy of keeping private emails
private. It serves no one to smear the reputations of either ALDHA or
trail businesses by publicizing such messages. There may be good and
bad reasons for any trail guide, to include or exclude certain
references. Due to the ATC's decision to forbid service notices/ads
along the trail corrider, guides become much more important for hikers
in need of services.

Would we want trail guides to include advice to avoid certain
establishments? Would guides serve us well to inform that there are a
variety of opinions regarding certain businesses? Would such opinion
put a publisher at risk of litigation, just as some "living rooms" have
recurrently threatened litigation against "competing" and timely

One of the benefits of e-lists is the ability to air comments on
businesses. I've had the impression that RSCG has received a great deal
of improved comments over the past year, reacting to prior adverse
comments in a very productive way. I'd hate to see such improvements go

Yet there a number of establishments not listed in the guides. On my
Spring section in NJ/NY, there were several unlisted good bars, deli's
and such close to the trail. I suspect those weren't deletions as much
as the lack of ability to inventory each and every resource within 1
mile of the trail/roadcrossing. Would we want to carry a "Princeton
Guide to the AT?"


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