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[at-l] Dogs


=09My advice is to wait and get a dog after your hike and if you have a dog=
 now leave it at home. :-)
=09That is rather direct but it is my opinion. About the only animals I hav=
e had trouble with on the trail are dogs. By trouble I mean dogs that I hav=
e meet on the trail snarling with teeth showing threatening Ill bit you if =
you proceed with your hike unless you dispatch with me first. Or stinking w=
et dogs brought into shelters who sling rain water from their coats all ove=
r you and your gear, at least the stinking hikers don't do that hahaha. Exp=
ensive ultralight hiking gear doesn't stand up well
to claws from the happy animals either. Please consider these things when y=
ou hike with your dog.


"Billie H. Cleek" wrote:
> Hey folks,
> I'm starting to look at getting a dog.  I've researched a lot, and right
> now I'm strongly considering a Giant Schnauzer.  They're from the
> working dog group, and definitely like exercise.  One of the things I'll
> want to do with my dog is hike (of course).  Do any of you have
> experience or knowledge of Giant Schnauzers that you can share with me?
> If you have experience or knowledge of Giant Schauzers as a hiking dog
> I'd greatly appreciate it, but I'll settle for whatever you can offer.
> Thanks,
> Cleek
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> This message brought to you by VIM, Mutt, and a Cleek
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