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[at-l] A Correction

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In a message dated 10/23/02 7:03:32 PM US Eastern Standard Time,
baltimorejack@hotmail.com writes:

> am looking forward very much to becoming the favorite uncle, assuming of

Don't worry - you've proven to be a great "Uncle Jack" to Shannon and Cassy -
I'm sure that will be a plus in her decision to let you bask in the baby's
presence :)

You left out teaching her, if it's a girl, that having an uncle comes in very
handy around young, persistent guys.  And that hide 'n seek can be played for
hours if approached with the right attitude . . .

On a serious note - the child is blessed with exceptional parents, and like
you, I can't wait to see how this little hiker turns out.

Still - since I plan on being the favorite aunt (Aunt Red? . . . ), and you
plan on being the favorite uncle . . . and you're already sort of an uncle to
my own kids - does that make us related in some twisted way?