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[at-l] Alcohol Lantern Design Theory

Thanks for the lesson in stove design theory Brian. I haven't played
around any with making stoves since ADZPCTKO (I did it from memory, did I
spell it right?). Still have to get around to making a Cat stove one of
these days, along with a tent, gaiters and a bug screen for my head.

Anyway you prompted me to ask a question that has been "burning" in my
mind since I started backpacking "lighter". Does anyone have a design, or
is it even possible, to make a alcohol lamp out of a soda can, cat food
can or any other cheap method, that will burn the same alcohol that we
are already carrying for our stoves. I am not an engineer but I assume if
it is possible it would need a wick of some kind and a globe. How about a

In addition to using this for backpacking, I anticipate moving to Peru
shortly after the beginning of the year and will be working in remote
villages with no electricity or even gas for that matter. Because it is
so near to the equator, it gets dark early year around so some kind of
lantern will be necessary.

I'm also considering taking a Sierra Zip Stove. Can someone tell me how
well these work with various fuels (twigs, pine cones, bark, etc.)? Has
anyone come up with a homemade version?