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[at-l] A Correction

ken bennett wrote:

> > p.s.  you might add to your mightly list something about not taking your
> > date to see "The Deerhunter" - I actually was dumb enough to do that,
> > and lived to tell the tale [she walked out a quaterway into it, and I
> > was smart enough to leave with her! :)]
> >
> Back in high school, I took a date, a very nice girl, to see "Life of
> Brian." She managed to sit through the whole thing, but it wasn't a good
> start to the relationship.

You can also add "Make sure she's old enuff to get in the bar before you make
reservations." That happened to me in April. I guess I should have known since
we were going to the prom. I took a girl to homecoming (I LOVE HIGH SCHOOL
FOOTBALL, OKAY?) a few weeks ago and had fun. But, I think she just went with
me so I'd buy her and her friends beer. She's living here now...but, I think
it's just because she wants me to help her with logarithms. (I have a
propensity with numbers.)  (like, 17) (17 is a number)

Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"