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[at-l] History along the AT route

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Snodrog5@aol.com writes:

> "Appalachian Trail Names -
> Origins of Place Names Along the AT"
> by David Edwin Lillard, Stackpole Books 2002
> "Scare Rock, Charlie's Bunion, Mad Tom Notch, Thunderstorm Junction, Lost
> Spectacles Gap, Breakneck Hill, Devil's Tater Patch, Giant's Thumb.
> Where did these names come from?
> This concise, alphabetical, backpack-friendly guide explains the origins of
> some 1100 place names hikers come across as they make their way along the
> Appalachian Trail with fascinating facts, surprising stories, and colorful
> trivia, it also offers insight into the AT's long and legendary history, as
> well as the history of the wilderness preservation movement, and the
> country
> itself."

Also from Stackpole -

"Exploring the Appalachian Trail" - 5 book series (divided by trail sections)
with a fair amount of background on the areas.  These are what I carry on my
hikes and how I figure out things like why in the heck the AT runs through a
graveyard in Shenandoah, what the Swag of the Blueridge in GA is all about
and what those little alpine flowers are on Mount Washington.  Not real
in-depth, but pretty helpful as a general guide.