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[at-l] History along the AT route

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"Appalachian Trail Names -
Origins of Place Names Along the AT"
by David Edwin Lillard, Stackpole Books 2002
 "Scare Rock, Charlie's Bunion, Mad Tom Notch, Thunderstorm Junction, Lost
Spectacles Gap, Breakneck Hill, Devil's Tater Patch, Giant's Thumb.
Where did these names come from?
This concise, alphabetical, backpack-friendly guide explains the origins of
some 1100 place names hikers come across as they make their way along the
Appalachian Trail with fascinating facts, surprising stories, and colorful
trivia, it also offers insight into the AT's long and legendary history, as
well as the history of the wilderness preservation movement, and the country

TJ < going to look for Habitual Hiker's book