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[at-l] OT Wing Foot Ryan

I have been following with some interest the debate about Wing
Foots 'Editorial'.  First of let me day that I jumped in with some
cash before we knew how to properly designate the contribution.  I
did not follow thought at the end because I thought that the list was
reverting back to rancour.  I have other places that I donate monies
and they got the extra $25.  It does not mean that I do  not
contribute to the ATC but I also contribute to other conservation

While money is a good thing many organizations cannot get
people out to do conservation work.  So instead of just donating
money I donate time.   This past year I have donated about 75
hours to three different groups,

In both cases I was not bribed.  What Ryan and the rest of the list
tried to do did not even begin to rise to the level of bribery by legal
definitions are even any definition of English Conmmon Law.  In fact
the Supreme Court has Stated that Such Donations are Protected
under the First Amemdment (If you want to stretch definitions I will
stretch supreme court decisions).

Fianlly it is a free world and Dan can say anything he wants on his
web page.  This is also part of the first amemdment.  He just
cannot slander this list.  If Ryan wants to go after Dan then he can
try and do it because he is the owner of this list.  The rest of us
send to take pleasure in slandering Wing Foot.  There are a hell of
a lot of more interseting topics to discuss on this list. Let us not
turn this list into the other list.

Having said that I know Kahley is lurking out there and I think she
(as surrogate Red) should pass out the smashmellows).

Grey Owl