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[at-l] Planning your 2003 thru-hike - schedule

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Here's a chart I've previously posted showing actual data of the
schedule/pace of past northbound AT thru-hikes (mine included):


Here's an enlarged version of the same image:


I don't have the raw data any more from which these charts were developed
(nice server hard drive crash right after I saved the Excel sheets!! ).

As you can clearly and plainly see from the charts (I love it when a
presenter says that), the pace I was able to maintain from Mt. Washington
northward was significantly less than what I had thought I could maintain
through that terrain (even though I had planned to drop my pace significanly
through the Whites and Maine when I was sitting in my comfortable living
room planning this adventure the winter before I started my thru-hike). Due
to the weather during October of 2000, my pace was slowed even more than I
had anticipated through Maine so my thru-hike from start to finish lasted
195 calendar days.

But, on the other hand, the slower pace at the end of my thru-hike allowed
me to appreciate the beauty of the state of Maine as well as reflect on the

Also note my average pace over the course of my thru-hike (including days
off) was a little over 11 miles per day. I'd say that was slightly slower
than the average pace of most thru-hikers (I'd guess most thru-hikers
complete their thru-hike in 180 days and get done before the weather in
Maine starts to become such a factor affecting hiking pace).

The 20-30 year old male, the 20-30 year old female and the 30-40 year old
female in the chart started their thru-hikes in mid-March or before during
1998. I started my thru-hike on April 10th, 2000.

Questions? Ask me.