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[at-l] Hotels near the southern smokies

By "up the road"  do you mean north or south?  (or, east or west; whichever
the case is)????  And, do you mean up from the NOC?  I'd like to check this
place out for future stays.

I've been researching this issue.   I'm sure there are lots of roach motels
that will have a room for the night.   I have stayed at a place called
riverbend. it's a quaint little inn on the river for $50+Tax.  But, they
won't rent for just one night.

the bunk houses at the NOC are $15 and clean.  A good possibility.

Tsali campground off of 28 in the NF has showers. About $15.

the place I'm leaning towards, if I don't chicken out and go indoors (or
it's raining),  is deep creek campground & tubing.  just outside the GSMNP's
Deep creek CG.  It too is only $15 and boasts nice hot showers and
bathhouse, etc.  They even have sheltered test sites.  go figure.   Since
this is late off season, the crowds are not there.  all I'm really looking
for is a nice long hot shower and access to a pizza place.  For the cost
savings, I can do without espn!

thanks all!


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The other option is the Amoco station up the road.  They rent cabins.
the name of the group (Nantahala something or other).  They rent for about