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[at-l] Hotels near the southern smokies

Aren't Keith's Cabins right down the road, too?  His cabins are a bit
nicer than NOC, but not quite typical motel-level of creature comforts.


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>>You might consider the NOC's "basecamp" located at Wesser, where the AT
>>crosses the Nantahala River.  It's definitely less than $100, though it's
>>a exactly a hotel.  Gutsy and I stayed there one night last summer before
>>heading up to Cheoah Bald.  You get bunks, showers in a separate building,
>>and heat, with a nice adjoining restaurant.  I think we paid $15 each.  But
>>it's about 15 miles from Bryson City.  I don't know if it's open
> The other option is the Amoco station up the road.  They rent cabins.  Forget
> the name of the group (Nantahala something or other).  They rent for about 50
> bucks.
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