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[at-l] Pepsi Can Stove

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Sent: Wednesday, October 16, 2002 6:35 PM
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The last test run I did melted the expanded aluminum screen that I was
planning on using for the pot stand. I am now using expanded steel instead.
It weighs exactly three times what the stove does and I fear for its long

The stove heats the mesh to red hot. It hasn't melted yet, but....

Lee I Joe

I melted a couple when the aluminum foil ran all the way up the side of the
pot and when the pot size and stand height were not well matched -- e.g.,
the flame spread away from the side of the pot as it made the turn around
the bottom.

Now, my heavy aluminum foil windscreen only overlaps the bottom 1/2 inch, or
so, of the pot and I have not melt one recently.