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[at-l] Pepsi Can Stove

This stove, are the instructions out there on the web somewhere for this
item. I'd like to trey it now in the off season for me.


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Legal Pad StationeryI finally go around to building a Pepsi Can stove.
attempt works great, even though I modified the instructions a little.
leads to several questions for those of you who may have built more than
and tried various experiments.
1) Boil time and burn time are both affected by the height of the pot above
the burner. I.E, total stove height is 1-1/4 inch, with a 2 inch pot stand,
boil time is about 8 minutes using one ounce of denatured alcohol and it
will burn for about 15 minutes. A 2-1/4 inch stand reduces the boil time by
about a minute and burn time drops to 10 minutes. A 2-1/2 inch pot stand
reduces the time to boil to about 5 minutes and the burn time to only 7
minutes. Obviously, the height of the pot is controlling the draft of the
flame and reducing oxygen flow. Is there an optimum height? Does the width
of the pot also affect performance?

2) The major change I made to the burner was larger holes than called for
the instructions. In fact, mine are exactly 1/32 of an inch and there are
of them. (It was convenient, I had a 1/32 drill bit handy.) Has anyone
varying the size of the holes? What effect did it have? What about hole
spacing? is there an optimum distance between the holes?

3) I am considering making another one with a semi-closed center section.
Sort of a burner cap with a space around the outside and a smaller hole in
the center. If I understand this correctly, it should focus the pre-heat
flame closer to the annular wall and decrease pre-heat time. It may even
increase overall efficiency. Has anyone tried anything similar?

Over all, I am impressed with the design.

Lee I Joe

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isn't one of those times...

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