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[at-l] 11am 10/15 Gathering list update

I'll be at the Gathering too!

Jenny (from MI)

>From: Linda Patton <lpatton@mailer.fsu.edu>
>To: at-l@mailman.backcountry.net (AT-L listserv)
>Subject: [at-l] 11am 10/15 Gathering list update
>Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 11:38:44 -0400 (EDT)
>Last update by me will be 5pm today.  After
>that I don't have computer access.  Anyone
>feel free to take over after that if you
>think updates are needed.  --  eArThworm
>Gathering list, as of 11am on 10/15/02:
>**=3DLatest changes
>=09David Addleton & daughter Alexandra
>=09Ted Anderson
>=09Art Cloutman
>=09Russ Dade
>=09**Mara Factor
>=09Anna Huthmaker
>=09Wendy and Heather Martin
>=09Jim and Ginny Owen
>=09Kurt Russell (?)
>=09Kurt Seitz
>=09Regan Wendell
>=09ATwanabe (S. Johnstone)
>=09Baltimore Jack
>=09**Camel/Starman (Tim Hart)
>=09Chase (Charles Davidson)
>=09Cheerio (Paula Anderson)
>=09Chocolate Chip (Rogene Beers)
>=09Hummingbird and Dutch Treat
>                         (hear him in concert Sat. aft. 12-1)
>=09Lite Shoe (Jan Leitschuh)
>=09Old RidgeRunner
>=09Rusty (Rev. Martin Fors)
>=09Slim & bogey
>=09Sly & Cheryl
>=09Sparrow (Glenda Hubbard) and Rabbit Hutch
>=09Springfever (Fred Kirch)
>=09**Sunrise and Sunset
>=09Wilderness One
>=09Beau (cataract surgery)
>=09Grey Owl
>=09Kahley (Mom's surgery)
>         **Kinnickinic
>         sAunTerer (Jim Bullard)
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