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Re[2]: [at-l] Re:Whites Incident & Cell Phone

"...Many  folks  seem  to  take  loss  of  a  spouse as an "opportunity" to do a
thru-hike,  possibly  as  a  means  of  working out some feelings and demons..."
observes Orange Bug.

Most  people  I  met  on  the trail were people in transition. Kids between high
school  and  college.  Kids  between college and their first jobs. New retirees.
Folks  laid  off  from  jobs.  Folks  hiking  after  the  death of a spouse or a
relative.  One  40-year-old nurse was hiking because a sister-in-law had died of
cancer. "I decided to live my dreams before it was too late," she explained.

I  had the impression that more of those hiking because of personal life changes
finally finished, than others with less intense reasons.