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[at-l] Re:Whites Incident & Cell Phone

Many folks seem to take loss of a spouse as an "opportunity" to do a
thru-hike, possibly as a means of working out some feelings and demons.

There are some neat lists looking at life events that create stress,
good and bad events. Gaining a spouse is almost as stressful as losing
one, for instance. There was an observation that medical residents
treating tuberculosis patients tended to get ill based on the number of
stressful events they endured during a year. I suspect that piling a
major life change, like thru-hiking, on top of recent losses or job
changes increases the potential for illness and injury.

Perhaps his decision to "flip" was a decision for suicide by trail, but
his death may have just been the result of taking too many
stresses/chances in a short amount of time.


--- "t." <tfort@jam.rr.com> wrote:
> Makes me wonder if his depression led him to take unreasonable risks?
> Assuming the loss of all that in such a short time at such an age, is
> depressing.

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