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[at-l] my best advice...

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As an 03er, that's the kind of advice I like to here.   I'm allowing myself
6 months to "enjoy" the experience.  I plan on spending most of my time on
the trail, with a few zero days for eating and body building.  I for one
want to take my time and HMOH.

Thanks for your advice Pitts,

Subject: [at-l] my best advice...

i thought that it would be nice if listers that have thru-ed or section-ed
could pass on their best piece of advice to '03 thrus and sectioners. i just
read some beginning journal entries from a fellow that hiked last season. he
left springer with 10 days worth of food, with the intention of hitting
fontana, and his first food drop, after those 10 days...

my best piece of advice (and you've all heard it from me before):

plan on three weeks to get from springer to fontana, and ignore all of the
internal and external pressure to move faster...


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