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[at-l] One hour...plus 40 years....

About 40 years ago...give or take an hour...the Feelmeister
began his first thru-hike, he did. Dumped that untreated
water, grabbed his umbilical cord, strapped his placenta on
his back and headed into the long, not-so-green tunnel. "Go
to the light, boy."  And, to the light he goed. From the
second that first spotlight hit his little, red face he was
talking. From the second that first nurse looked at him, he
was flirtin'. And, so it goes. Full of shit then...full of
shit two score later. Some things'll never change. Some
things maybe shouldn't.

Sometimes, apparently, I talk in the third person...I never
talk in church, though...(well, not since I quit attendin'

Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"