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[at-l] OT: since some of you seem goofy.....

This is not an advertisement ;-) Just check out the goofy calendar ;-)
Forgive me if I have already mentioned this....I have a sieve for brains!

Since this seems like a light-hearted group....want to see some naked men??
;-) My village of 200 people made over half a million dollars last year by
selling the Men of Maple Corner calendar.

Our community center was falling apart and a bake sale to raise funds just
wouldn't cut it. Some women had watched the movie Full Monty and figured the
Full Vermonty calendar might be a good money maker. We expected to sell a
couple hundred calendars. The press got wind of the calendar and it was on
national TV. I have never stuffed so many envelopes in my life! ;-)

My dh is Mr. November, the guy cleaning the chimney.


Wendy   (wsm311@aol.com)
Peace and Carrots Farm