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[at-l] stoves and reading

I just finished reading Nansen's "Farthest North". There's a description of
the stove that they used for cooking and melting snow during the dogsled
leg of the journey. It sounded almost like the Bakepacker. Imagine a Bundt
cake tin, filled with snow/ice/water; the hole in the tin sits above the
flame of the stove and catches the heat on the way up. The cook pot is the
same diameter as the Bundt tin and sits on top of the tin and is warmed
directly by the flame. The whole setup is covered by a shield that forces
the heat back down the outside of the cookpot+bundt tin. Suposedly very
efficient, at least for what they were doing. (Um, this is by memory, so
don't quote me on this <g>)