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[at-l] Now I know just why I whine.....

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> Subject: [at-l] Now I know just why I whine.....
> Ode to the Cold
>                 by Sloetoe, 12/12/00
> Now I know just why I whine
> when the temperature fails to climb
> when the blowing winds freeze moving brine
> Now!
> I know!
> (just why I whine...)
> I whine to tap the energy
> (primordial and hard to see)
> that sits inside my chest too deep
> for winter winds to freeze -->

Another whiner!
I am not alone.
I feel SO validated...

I whine because I've just canceled my flights to The Gathering because I have
to stay home and clean my room.

I don't feel validated at all.  I feel sorry for myself, which, if you could
see me now, you would readily recognize by the bottom lip that is
dramatically jutted forward an inch.

With profound self-pity,