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[at-l] RE: Water filters & Urine

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I use a sweet water guardian filter. Sweet water offers an inline "Pre Filt=
er" which Removes 5-10 micron particles before they reach the main filter. =
This Pre filter weighs almost nothing and could be used with many filter sy=
stems. It will increase the life of your filter and It costs less than $10 =

jeff / Wilderness1

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  > And the water was so scarce people were pumping from practically mud
  > puddles.  One guy said there was a frog in one puddle he had to pump fr=

  On our section hike of the AT we carried a PUR Hiker filter.  We are stil=
  on the first filter. To keep the filter from clogging...We take along a 3
  oz. water bag (you could also use a gallon size zip lock bag) into which =
  dip water for filtering.  The mud particles settle in the bag ...Then we
  filter from the bag to our drinking bottles.  We probably have 3000 miles=
  the Pur Hiker and its never clogged.
  SLIM aka Nancy

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