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[at-l] RE: Water filters & Urine


The problem with the PUR filters was not from dirty water, just premature
clogging.  When I looked at mine (the inside filter element) it didn't look
particularly dirty, but it was VERY hard to pump. The first day on the trail
it was fine, the second day it was just awful.  The thru-hikers were also
saying these clogged up for no obvious reason, early in their lifetime (like
the first several weeks out of Springer).

I asked at the outfitter (Alpine) in Rangeley Maine for a replacement
cartridge and he said 1) he had gotten a lot of requests for this item, and
2) the company couldn't deliver them in less than a month due to a lot of
back orders. So I continued on with a very slow pump.  This tells me they
had a bad batch, or changed their supplier, or whatever.

Now I will call them and try to get a free replacement.  I think the filter
element is guaranteed for a year.

The mud puddle story was a measure of how low the water was, but I didn't
mean to imply that this "explained" the clogged filters.

Good luck with your PUR.  Just don't be surprised if it suddenly gets hard
to pump when you least expect it to.


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> > And the water was so scarce people were pumping from practically mud
> > puddles.  One guy said there was a frog in one puddle he had to pump
> On our section hike of the AT we carried a PUR Hiker filter.  We are still
> on the first filter. To keep the filter from clogging...We take along a 3
> oz. water bag (you could also use a gallon size zip lock bag) into which
> dip water for filtering.  The mud particles settle in the bag ...Then we
> filter from the bag to our drinking bottles.  We probably have 3000 miles
> the Pur Hiker and its never clogged.
> SLIM aka Nancy
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