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FW: [at-l] Colorado Trip Report (long)

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As descend further into gear weenie-ness. :-)

> Two different animals you know.  

Mea culpa...it was the PepsiCan variety...
> How well did they perform at attitude, fuel usage
> for a meal at 11,000 feet 
> and during your trip?

I made my meals quite well at 11k feet where I camped
for two nights. Used a homemade stove last year (The
open system) at 12k feet at the camp just below Long's
Peak (a 14er). Would not hesitate to use them on a
long trip. In fact, I used a homemade stove on the
Long Trail two years ago that worked quite well..
> internationle.  I typically boil just over 3 cups of
> water for dinner, 1 for 
> hot chocolate, tea or coffee and two for the meal
> itself.
> How much water did you boil?  Curious mind wants to
> know.......

I typically cook one hot meal a day. I almost always
have a hot cup of tea at the end of the meal. I am
able to cook it all on one ounce of fuel. My secret?
Pre-soak my dinners. Typically I would add water to
the ziplock bag when I first get into camp, let it
soak for 1/2 hr or so. With mac n cheese or ramen, I
boil the water and add it to my tea. (Mmmmm..pasta
water! :). Cook the rest of the mac/ramen, add the
nuclear orange cheese powder/MSG packet.  With Liptons
or dehydrated meals, boil the water for my tea first,
pour it into my Gatorade bottle (dual purpose
cup/water bottle) then quickly pour my meal into my

Works for me. 


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