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[at-l] Thoughts after 400 e-mails

>The pettiness in North Carolina is only a minor distraction that should not
>count for a rat's a**.

> Then why does it cause such a major distraction on the AT-L?  Does this mean
> we are petty ourselves?  Are we then no better than that which we criticize?
> Just some questions to ponder.
> Beau

Hey, this long six plus week diatribe about WF had little to do with WF.  WF discussions come and go on this list, they are
discussed, then discarded.  Some anal people just can't let this absured ugly thread go.  I had something to do with the thread in
the beginning, and then continued with some parodies, so I'm no saint (no sh*t), but don't refer to this as a WF discussion.  It may
have been for the first week or two, but it then became a d*ck measuring contest.  Who can "out tradition", "out big word", "out
metaphor", and "out assh*le" the other guy/gal.  Well, you all lost!   "Tradition" now is a dirty little word in my mind, and "HYOH"
is getting real close, because everytime I hear/read them, I think of the idiotic battle that has been going on here, and it
depresses me.  Count to ten next time...

Pittsburgh the inflamed