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[at-l] Elitism, Wilderness & Through*Hikers

>Frankly, I don't even care if traditional thru-hikers get upset when others 
>lie.  Hell, I get pissed when my coworkers cheat at golf, too.  I'm working 
>on that emotion, but I don't deny it.

I liked your post.  On the point above I would respond that I view the 
difference to be that Golf is a competitive sport.  Thru hiking is not.

Whether you get upset about cheaters on the trail depends on why you are 
thru hiking.  If you are thru hiking to be in a class of accomplished 
individuals then those who cheat dilute the accomplishment by falsely 
expanding the group.  If you thru hike for personal reasons then no number 
of cheaters can effect your accomplishment. IMO.
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