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[at-l] Thruhiking..is it a job?

It's only a job to the bed and breakfast, section hike the entire AT while
parting crowd. Not a job no way no how for one backpacking the AT, going to
town only for resupply then back to the trail all in the same day. Course
isn't much of that these days.
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> At 07:21 AM 6/28/01 -0700, Orange Bug wrote:
> >I look forward to "payday." Every hill is work,
> LOL.I hear ya! But that's not what I mean.
> I mean a job....I mean a mighty sigh as you
> leave the shade of a porch and head out.
> As a weekend warrior, I have never had that feeling.
> Sometimes I don't have as joyful a hike as other times,
> but noooo way do I ever reach that point of <sigh>........
> back to work.
> I've always feared I was missing some essential ingredient
> necessary to thru.  I'm trying to identify why people
> keep on keepin on when it becomes "a job" .
> A sweaty achy 10 hr a day job....
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