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[at-l] Thruhiking..is it a job?

At 07:21 AM 6/28/01 -0700, Orange Bug wrote:
>I look forward to "payday." Every hill is work,

LOL.I hear ya! But that's not what I mean.
I mean a job....I mean a mighty sigh as you
leave the shade of a porch and head out.

As a weekend warrior, I have never had that feeling.
Sometimes I don't have as joyful a hike as other times,
but noooo way do I ever reach that point of <sigh>........
back to work.

I've always feared I was missing some essential ingredient
necessary to thru.  I'm trying to identify why people
keep on keepin on when it becomes "a job" .
A sweaty achy 10 hr a day job....