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[at-l] New Year's Ruck, or some such.

Felix -

If you're a-comin south, you need to be aware that there's a real
distinction amongst  "ya'll," "all-ya'll," and "all-ya'll's."  The first is
singular, the second is plural, and the third is plural possessive.

"Moan back" is a direction and a drink is a Coke.

Square nabs are very different from round square nabs.  Both pack well for
hikin' trips. (I like round square nabs myself.)

Hope this helps.  ;-)


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> Hey, did anything ever get decided firmerly about when/where
> that southern NewYear's Ruck might be? I'll be an Atlantan
> by then and'll prolly go.  (Is 'and'll' a word?)
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