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[at-l] GA RUCK Date Proclaimation

There we have it. I hereby declare the GARUCK to begin Friday Jan. 18,
2002, or the Friday immediately preceeding MLK Day if I can't do the
arithmetic correctly. Location to be determined by acclaimation of GA
RUCKees. The great state of GA is preferred, but NC and upstate SC can
also be considered.


--- "t." <tjfort@netdoor.com> wrote:
> for those who want to know ...
> Super Bowl XXXVI - January 27, 2002  New Orleans, Louisiana
> MLK day ... Jan 21st, 2002
> > seperate weekends this year
> they are.  
> as to my preference, I'd vote for MLK weekend.  with it being a LONG
> w/e and the fact that hunting season will be over by then in MS, I
> might be able to make a north GA / southern NC ruck.  

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