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[at-l] A Message from Kimber and Cesar,

who are about to leave with 70 pounds between them.  They gave me permission=
to forward this to you.  I think I did it all wrong, using another screen, s=
this may be duplicated.  Anyway, for those of you who have asked where to=20
find their journal, this is the address. =20

<<We are leaving for the trail Thursday night!=A0 We can't wait! :)

If you'd like to read our journal, we will be continuing it on=20
Trailplace, but it won't be linked to the front page. You can access=20
it at:


OR through:


I expect the first entries to be posted by about mid-July.=A0 So far,=20
all that's new is that I have posted a new gear list (what we've=20
learned!), updated thank you's and a new maildrop list in the Before=20
Our Hike section.

I'm saving my returning-to-trail thoughts for my first journal entry.

Kimber (& Cesar)
GA --> ME 2000-01>>

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