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[at-l] pack weight-1/3 body weight

REI staff taught me a more conservative rule: no more than 25% body 
weight. I like this rule. It forces me to keep the pack weight below 
40 lbs, except in winter.

REI especially emphasized this recommendation for children. Evidently 
extra pack weight is hard on growing kids bodies, and I'm sure it'd 
improve their impression of the outdoors if they aren't suffering 
under an exhausting load. I've seen too many scout groups pass by me 
on the trail, the kids just look like inmates suffering under their 

>I have seen this old saw written by people who write books, and 
>heard it quoted by all the gurus of the trail.
>Anybody have any idea where it came from and the rationale?
Arthur D. Gaudet         	"Is walking down called hiking, too?"
(RockDancer)  	                 -heard at the top of Mt Washington, NH