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[at-l] pack weight-1/3 body weight

Our Scout Troop recommends 25% to our Scouts.  This invariably leads to some
pack content distribution among our younger, lighter Scouts so they can have
15-20 lb packs.  Our Troop is considered a "high adventure" Troop and
backpacking is one of our major activities.  The last thing we want is for
our kids to *not* want to hike and overloading an 11 yr-old is a sure way to
convince him not to hike again.

The older Scouts, in my opinion, must carry anvils in their packs.  They are
*heavy* - way too heavy!  (but I'm working on them!)



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> REI staff taught me a more conservative rule: no more than 25% body
> weight. I like this rule. It forces me to keep the pack weight below
> 40 lbs, except in winter.
> REI especially emphasized this recommendation for children. Evidently
> extra pack weight is hard on growing kids bodies, and I'm sure it'd
> improve their impression of the outdoors if they aren't suffering
> under an exhausting load. I've seen too many scout groups pass by me
> on the trail, the kids just look like inmates suffering under their
> packs.
> >I have seen this old saw written by people who write books, and
> >heard it quoted by all the gurus of the trail.
> >
> >Anybody have any idea where it came from and the rationale?
> >
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