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Re[2]: [at-l] Re: Worthy Trail Cause?

MATC always needs money. We collect about $9,000 a year in dues, but have a $135,000 a year budget.
ATC kicks in $20,000 or so. The rest comes from donations of one kind or another. I'm not involved
in that end of the trail effort, but when a friend and trail worker died a few years ago, I helped
scrounge up $1,500 which was what the club required at that time for a named memorial as part of the
stewardship fund.

As I understand it all the money goes into a common kitty for efficient investment purposes, but the
club records list the name of the person honored in perpetuity.

Our major expenses are for the ridge runner/caretaker program and to hire leaders for what used
to be called the FORCE program. I forget the new name (it was supposed to be easier to remember, but
you know about us old folks).

Major projects at the moment include the construction of a 20 plus mile loop side trail in the
Mahoosuc-Grafton Notch areas, and construction of a bridge over the South Branch of the Carrabasset
River that flows through the valley between Sugarloaf and the Crockers.

I only met Rosie a few times, but she remains vivid in my mind. Which is quite remarkable. I'm
forever being embarrassed by people I have met and should remember, but don't. She was one of those
people that leave a permanent impression.