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[at-l] Wanchor Report

Jon called Saturday from the Mohican Outdoor Center in Blairstown, NJ, and=20
then again today from somewhere north of there. =A0Lots of conversation was=20
taken up with logistics of his trying to meet up with Tony and Vince in the=20
New York area. =A0

He saw a bear this morning, which he reported as fairly good sized, about 50=
yards off the trail. =A0He bear had yellow tags on its ears. =A0He got his c=
ready and tried to stalk it for a photo, but no luck--or in my opinion, that=
was lots of luck! =A0

He's been getting some tremendous thunderstorms, and it's hot and humid but=20
he says he's decided never again to complain about the heat. =A0He did note,=
however, that the gnats have been very bad. =A0If they can get your eyes=20
tearing, they apparently attack you as fair game. =A0

Unfortunately, he will apparently NOT be a centerfold for Backpacker. =A0His=
Backpacker magazine contact had to go to California and was unable to meet u=
with him at Wind Gap. =A0Jon was just fine with this because he thought the=20
meeting would have slowed him down. =A0As of today he's completed 1300 miles=
and is exactly on the schedule he set.=20

He's looking forward to his NY/CT rendevous with the old friends. =A0

I'm happy to report that on the TGIF hike I led Friday evening we got our=20
feet wet and muddy. =A0This is good news for Florida, as we've been so parch=
for so long that I thought I'd never see wet trail again. =A0The trail bridg=
that Jon and I used just before he left has LOTS of water under it again, so=
maybe things will begin to get back to normal. =A0All from a month of good=20
daily downpours. =A0

After hopping to this weekend with the many chores I wanted his help on, Gre=
said, "Mom, next time you want to paint a room or do a big project, why don'=
you wait till Jon is here." =A0=A0You know, I do think that idea would be be=
for my dispostion. =A0


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