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[at-l] Wanchor Report

Despite the heavy rains and flooding in SW PA, Jon made it to Port Clinton,=20
PA, on schedule yesterday evening. =A0I had this nagging worry about rushing=
torrents and Jon trying some too dangerous crossing. =A0Unfortunately, only=20=
answering machine was home for his three calls. =A0I was going to go for a w=
in the woods for a while after work, but the usual afternoon thunderstorms=20
put an end to that idea. =A0So instead I went to Walmart to get Jon razors a=
more powdered detergent and pick up his developed slides and get some=20
household stuff.=20

The calls:
1. =A0from an outfitter telling me there was only one pay phone in town at a=
small convenience store and it was a 35 minute walk for him. =A0He didn't kn=
if he'd make the effort to get to that phone. =A0Also, he was thrilled that=20=
got a package of goodies from Leslie Clapp, "Flower Power"--AT 95, PCT 97.=20
=A0(She and her boyfriend, Blaise, are doing a fund raising bicylce trip in=20
Alaska in August for a cancer fund.)
2. =A0from said convenience store phone, sounding very tired and saying he w=
"exhausted." =A0Said he'd try to call again in a day or two from along the w=
3. =A0from the convenience store phone a few minutes later sounding even=20
tireder and giving me some logistics changes about New York and asking me no=
to send any more film for a while. =A0He was very careful to preface the=20
logistics with queries about home and end the conversation with some persona=
stuff. =A0I do believe he's walking on eggshells still because of my lack of=
appreciation of some of his PCT calls which would be confined to logistics=20
alone, usually delivered in his "this is your commanding officer" tone. =A0(=
Dad was Army too and made it from buck private to bird Colonel, so that tone=
can either make me snap to or irritate the bejeebers out of me, depending on=
the message and my mood.) =A0I can almost hear the wheels turning as Jon=20
remembers to include something personal in the call. =A0What's nice about th=
personal stuff is it means he heard my complaints, and he's trying mightily=20
to keep me happy. =A0"Hope Greg didn't get into to much trouble. =A0I love y=
ou, I=20
miss you, wish you were here, =A0seeing some nice stuff."


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