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[at-l] Unlock your daughters!!!

"My family and friends are the best things I know. Through
the eye of the needle, I'll carry them home."

'Minutes to Memories'
John Mellencamp

Well, now there...the thyme has come. I think that it is now
safe for you to all unlock your dotters...for Felix J.
McGillicuddy is now an engaged man. It is official (as
official as anything in life is, anyway). Ms. Ellie
Stutzman, dotter of O'Henry, has agreed to become Mrs. Ellie
McGillicuddy. Ain't that something? There is no date yet,
but you'll all be invited...even if it is a seemingly
emotionless group invitation on the list. What better way to
invite you other than how I met you? I'll be getting some
pix of the charming young lady in the next coupla days and
will post them and let y'all look at the woman who hath
stolen my heart. We'll be registered at Campmor and
REI...so, save your couch-change.  (Actually we'll be going
to Ireland for our Huh? Knee moo in, so, send cash.)

Thank you, Cupid...

Ahhhh, the Feelmeister is smilin' again...he do like

Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"